Friday, January 22, 2010

Famous Parental Last Words

Sure, go ahead and play with that foam bat.

Just be careful.

Mommy’s pearl earrings stay right there, Mister, right on the edge of the sink.

Ken, the stuffed dog could clog the drain. Why are you asking?

Poop is not finger paint; you know that, don’t you?

Play nice.

Use two hands to carry a cup of hot tea to Mommy.

What do we say to our friends?

We don't use those kinds of words.

Mommy will be right back.

Buzzers will go off and the place will lock down if you touch any of the sculpture on the art museum field trip.

Tomorrow you can make pancakes all by yourself! Won’t that be great?

Keep your hands to yourself.

That’s the sharp end.

Everything under the sink is off limits.

Oil and water don’t mix except if you shake them very hard in a German glass cruet that is an heirloom.

Though it looks like it could be, your father’s bike helmet is not a training potty.

Share the turtle.

Did you pee before we left on the camel ride?

Balls are not for throwing.

Boy, you guys are having a lot of fun running around the sharp-edged coffee table. Can Mommy try?

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