Monday, January 18, 2010

Hit Singles of The Under Five Set

Frolic and The Gambol Girls: “Princess Wincess (Is A Bad Girl, Yeah)”

My Stuffed Dog: “Don’t Close The Door”

Convertible T. Rex: “The Dinosaur’s Aliveasuar!”

Pit of Vipers: “Mommys Said *&%$!” (burnt macaroni and cheese remix)

Violet Fracas: “Get On Your Carpet Square (And Dance)”

Traipsing Into The Gloaming: “Moonwagon” (hugely extended lullaby version)

Declaration of Intent: “(Making A) Moat In The Backyard.”

The Cheap Plastic Baby Maniacs: “Chew On The Nipple”

Alabama Baby Mama: “Don’t Nobody Know”

Trippin’ With TwoTone: “In The Suburbs Nobody Takes The Subway”

Caribbean Soul: “Los Pollitos Dicen Mio Mio Mio”

Wanna Watch Nemo (Again): “Carpe Diem”

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