Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To Open A Cupcake Boutique or To Raise Urban Chickens? The Dilemma of So Many.

You can't have a cupcake shop in a coop in the backyard, but you can have chickens.

It was an upstanding American president who said, “a chicken in every pot.” It was Marie Antoinette who said, “let them eat (cup)cake(s).”

Think how much fun the kids would selling chicken eggs at a huge markup on the 695 onramp.

Chickens have brains. My neighbor has a Rhode Island Red named Rhodesia that saved all their lives.

Cupcakes? No brains. Even with patient and persistent training, they can’t peck 911.

But consider this: senior male cupcakes don’t wake up at the crack of dawn and crow. That’s a positive, compared with owning a rooster.

You can't bribe a kid with a chicken. This is another way cupcakes are superior to chickens.

Also cupcakes are cheaper. Unless for your cupcake coop you want an Italian pastry counter and a staff that’s good looking. Then a chicken Igloo is cheaper.

However, cupcakes are recognized as easier to kill; you don’t need a special “neck funnel,” or an ax.

But why butcher at all? You could frost cupcakes to look like chickens and scatter them immobile, silent, and delicious around the yard, easily convincing yourself you have the best of both worlds.


  1. love it! I have chickens. If I put cupcakes outside, they eat them. It probably doesn't work the other way round...

  2. I don't have chickens. But I really want eggs. I definitely don't want cupcakes though.