Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Locker Room Talk from The Joy of Cooking

What she wanted was a "Quick White Icing," no "Doves and Noodles," no "Raspberry Grunt" or "Apricot Cherry Slump" and definitely no "Woodcock in Rosemary" so I gave her the "Basic Fondant."
She said is that a buckwheat "Mini Blini?"
I was all, no, that's a full size blini.
And she was like, oh, we'll have to make "Fresh Focaccia" some other time, meaning never.
"Codfish Balls" I said. Who do you like better than me? It is that wanker "Jefferson Davis Pie?"
She said, that "Transparent Pie?" No way. "Lavender-Scented Madelines" and "Charlotte Russes" is what I'm into and that was so hot. I like girls who "Snow Pudding" and "Nesselrode Sauce." Who doesn't?
See ya, she said, thanks for the "Quick Dill Pickle," I'm going to meet "Rich Fruit Bavarian."
Anyone know who he is, what team he plays on? I bet he's a soccer player foreign exchange student type. I'd like to "Chocolate-Dip Fudge" "Lemon Curd" the guy. Who's with me. You? "Pineapple Upsidedown Cake?" You? "Jugged Hare." Awesome.


  1. Oh my. Elizabeth, you have a wonderful, strange, and slightly scary mind. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you for glimpses into your mind. You are "way up there" and I am "way down here."

    For laughs, I think I'll send you what my mind sounds like. Kinda like Fred Flintsone vs Louis IV.

  3. You are utterly wacky, in the best possible way. Would love to have a real conversation with you someday.

  4. Hi, Havarti! Ghee, I would like to go out with Julienne and just ragout! But that Marguerite? Love to be under a blanquette with her! Gotta go. By the way, I hear Sally Lunn's car got stollen!

  5. LOL. That. was. epic. I loved that. Right on.