Friday, April 23, 2010

Hipster Mom Must-Haves



Giant Reusable Cloth Diaper

Box of Organic Whole Grain Graham Crackers (the box has seeds embedded in it, when composted it will become a heritage tomato vine)

Pacifier (phalate-free, in a muted earth tone)

Oversized Ceramic Mug (hand-crafted by incarcerated artisans)

European Stroller (converts to a mini van and a richly-hued batik-fabric yogamat carrier)

Bison Bone Kegel Exercizer (gleaned naturally from bison territory)

Soy Mascara (with wind-powered vibrating wand of sustainably-harvested bamboo)

Gardening Clogs

Outdoor Fire Pit (for roasting the acorn-fed neighborhood pig)

Mushroom Foraging Basket

Sheets of Unbleached Papyrus, Stick, and Sustainably Harvested Squid-Ink (for blog)