Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recipe from The Joy of Cooking or A Kama Sutra Sex Position?

The Clam

Clams Casino

Fragrant White Clam

Congress of a Cow

Donkeys In The Third Moon of Spring

Bran Rolls

Raised Missionary

Sparrows In The Air

Steamed Chocolate Feather Pudding

Doves and Noodles

Wounded Dove

Basque Chicken

Half Pressed

The Cuban

The Filled Angel

The Yawning Lion

Viennese Oyster

Oysters On The Half Shell

Suspended Congress

Assorted Fruit Kuchen

Crab Dip

The Crab


The Pinwheel

The Side Dish

The Side Car

Creamed Spinach

Wilted Spinach


  1. Oh my. I am going to have to calm down now and stop the pictures in my head.... Great!

  2. I fear my husband would say I'm definitely in the wilted spinach category.

    Thanks for the visuals..:)

  3. Learning Curves for Kama sutra!!! Can't imagine what it would be like on that places!!