Monday, May 24, 2010

“Where Are Your Shoes”, from Getting To School: The Opera

Alto: Where are you shoes. Where. Are. They. Your shoes?

Children’s chorus: We don’t know. We don’t know. We had them yesterday.

Bass: But where are they now. Find. Them. Now.

Children’s chorus: O help me.

Soprano 1 (forte): No!

Children’s chorus: O help me.

Bass (forte): No!

Children’s chorus (weeping): Woe woe woe.

Alto and Bass (pianissimo): We must think of DSS. They cannot go shoeless. Shoeless they cannot go. Can they? No. No. They cannot go.

So, though, you have offended us, you cannot go shoeless, let us as a family look from every balcony for your shoes, for your shoes, for your shoes, from every balcony as a family for your shoes!

Soprano (flying onstage by a system of pulleys and wearing the outfit of a fairy princess): I have done it, I have found my shoes. I am faster than him. Because of my fairy wings.

Counter tenor: Mother! Father! She is taunting me. She can’t wear that to school can she?

Bass: The issue is your shoes. Focus on your shoes. How has it come to this? My children, my children, it has come to this.

Alto (in endless recitative until the curtain falls): Where are you shoes? Your footwear where is it? The ones that I bought you. That fit you. Where. Are. (hitting a high C and sustaining it) YOOOOURRRRR SHOOEEESSS?

The End of Act 1