Friday, December 17, 2010

Anxious Mom, Cool Babysitter: An Accidentally Recorded Conversation

My father transcribed verbatim this conversation that I accidentally recorded onto his answering machine. He immediately recognized it's potential.

Me: How are the kiddoes?

Sitter: They’re good. They’re just finished watching Monsters, Inc.

Me: Oh, they did? OK, do they seem kind of hepped up or do they seem kind of tired?

Sitter: They seem kind of tired now.

Me: OK. So we’re gonna be home probably within like a half hour or 40 minutes.

Sitter: OK. That sounds good.

Me: OK. If they, if they get really sleepy, hmm, yeah, it’s OK if you wanna, wanna hold them, rock them, or if they, you know, they seem like they’re headed in that direction.

Sitter: OK

Me: Yeah. Because sometimes they get so tired they get riled up.

Sitter: Nervous laughter.

Brief silence

Me: But . . . We’ll be home soon.

Sitter: OK

Me: OK. I’m glad things are going well.

Sitter: All right, well, we get to see you, too.

Me: OK. Take care.

Sitter: Bye

Me: Bye

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