Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Finding My Nana’s Diary From 1927, When She Was Twelve, and Comparing It To My Diary from 1985, When I Was Twelve

Nana’s Diary: Served tea with mother after church. How I admire how graceful she is! I want to be just like her.

My Diary: SUPER annoying. Like I have to go to church? I, like, fucking don’t.

Nana’s Diary: Continued work on embroidering the scarf for our neighbor, who has pneumonia. So wish she’d get well! I made a cherry pie with leftover pastry scraps.

Nana’s Diary: Dear Diary, I promised you complete honesty, and I gave you my word, and father says that is the most important thing: one's word. I made that sound like I made the cherry pie all by myself. Mother showed me and Sissy how to roll out the dough; I did do the filling on my own but I won’t let that go to my head!

Nana’s Diary: Sissy has such grace! If only I could be half as pretty when I grow up. She’ll be a darling bride! I am embroidering linens for her. I hope it brings her lots of happiness. I want to bring people lots of happiness!

My Diary: Does anyone care what makes me happy? Did Mom drive me to school? Nooo. But she drove Lucy to school. What the FUCK???

Nana’s Diary: Papa says there is going to be another war. I feel absolutely ill and am praying for peace. Knitting scarves so I feel I am doing something.

Nana's Diary:
What's important, I think, is to participate in the lives of others, to have compassion, to be a helpmate, don't you think so too, Diary?

My Diary: Here's a list of things I want: I want the new Cure album, a Benetton sweatshirt, in teal, my mom to FUCKING get over herself with the constant SUPER ANNOYINGNESS!!!!!

My Diary: Cont. Not to have to go to piano lessons again, ever. Assaf Gordon in my homeroom hahahahaha! PSYCH! Diary! You know me so well! The only person I really love is all of the girls in Bananarama.


  1. This is hilarious. I have my great grandmother's diary from about the same time, and although she had four children by then, the sweetness still seems to come through.

  2. Amazing post!

    It made me revisit my 12 year old self. I was both you and your Nana, if that can be possible.
    My public self spoke and felt like you do in your diary. I was bold, angry and spunky.
    My private self read about Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Schweitzer and wrote notes to self aspiring to be a good person.
    I guess I am still both of them and so must be you.
    Loved reading this. Best, Natasha

  3. Priceless. Truly. And perfectly shows the generation gap--the selflessness and skill/craft focus of then, and the ego, what about me of our then.

    1) how cool to have found her diary, 2) how cool to still have yours, 3) thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, this is so funny, Liz. I believe that we wrote each other letters expressing similar sentiments.
    (Do you really have Nana's diary??? How cool.)

  5. 4 children by age 12? say it ain't so!