Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sick Funny

Goody Bastos has been a passion project of unserious frippery. But recently, life circumstances have taken an uncertain turn, and now, if I had gills I would let humor flow over them, thereby oxygenating. I've found no solace in my MRI reports of degenerated disks, insurance forms, and pamphlets on chronic pain clinics. My doctors are as serious as the carpets in their waiting rooms.

We sick don't need serious. We're overdosed on overhead lighting and chrome. We need humor. Sick humor. I know this because in the last few weeks I have been drawn as if by true love to Mr. Noodle. He is the clown on Sesame Street who has trouble putting his pants on. He puts them on his head and can't see. The kids on the show laugh and say, "Mr. Noodle, don't you know how to put pants on?"

Being ill is like having pants on your head. How the world was, it isn't anymore, and you travel in it differently, darkly, with films, reports, nerve conduction studies, and bottles of pills. What I want to do is laugh until it hurts less.


  1. Do you read "Hyperbole & a Half"? Highly therapeutical in the funny.

  2. I wish I had a surefire source of laughter for you. Of course, some might say my humour standards are too low. I was most recently cracked up by characters having the last name O'Blivion.

  3. Sorry about your back. I also find that different life stages require different kinds of entertainment - for example when I was reading endless case law for a degree, the only other things that had room in my head were soaps and women's magazines. Now, I can't stand either.

    I agree with Paprikapink about Hyperbole and a Half. I also recommend amusing mystery stories - Elizabeth Peters, Rhys Bowen and the like - to keep you entertained as you sit in waiting rooms.

    I hope you get the pants off your head soon.

  4. Oh, this is exactly why I love my funny women. And men.

    I can tell you that you wil ALWAYS laugh if you visit @moooooog35, his tweets are the best.
    And his blog, Midget man of steel, will slay you.

    Here is a link to one of my favorites:

    Though they are all wonderful.

    I just posted today, on why humor is a necessary day of my life. Why I follow humor blogs as if my life depended on them. Why I am humor dependent.

    I hope you know that your post makes 100% sense to me.

  5. I hope your load lightens soon.