Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perfume Review: Flowerbomb

Like the bloodhound, like the male moth, I have a powerful schnozzle.

So I figured I'd perfume review, starting today, starting right now with a scent strip from the inside of InStyle Magazine that I smelled from a distance of the length of a football field.

Most reviewers identify top, middle, and bottom notes and evoke sensual comparisons, but like the male moth I have not a clue if Flowerbomb is a floral chypre mossy oak with hints of schist that reminds me of a child's yellow marble or an Oriental wet orchid hybrid that brings to mind an evening dancing at low tide in the market with someone I've just met.

Friends, all I know is that wearing it was, for me, like being in a hot delivery truck of cheese and cherry Danish.


  1. But you can smell poop on your kids shoes before they hit the carpet and, to me, that makes you an aromatic goddess. XOXO and nice work!

  2. Oh. to have something that smells like an evening dance at market with someone you just met.


  3. Love your descriptions. Seriously, all those sample perfumes I find in magazines seem to smell the same to me, or at least they make the magazine smell the same every month.

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