Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Mindfulness

There's hot, and then there's hot like my grandfathers remember. They were pre-A.C.

One of my grandfathers told me stories of working in Pittsburgh in the heat of the summer, in a three piece suit, in a building had only fans. He was a patent lawyer. My other grandfather, he'd say, "You don't know from hot. Summers it was so hot, my family slept out on the fire escape it was so hot."

Compared to these sweating men, my ancestors, I've got no homeostasis. I'm a post A.C., Generation X weakling, mewling when the thermometer goes way up. I would never wear a three piece suit in August, it's an absurdity, like British cream tea in India, with caravan of saucers. "Why did you do that?" I asked my grandfather.

Why ever be uncomfortable, if you don't have to be? Because sometimes you will be uncomfortable and there will be no choice: call it aging, or illness or something tiny, like grit in your shoe. To be a little uncomfortable, to work with an edge, is the way to learn about edges, and there are many of them.


  1. I touch on those edges when I travel to places where I am not familiar with the language. There are challenges, but I grow, and I am always happy I've had the experience.

  2. Avoiding the edges results in a dwindling experience of the world until one's life is the size of a neighborhood or room. I see this contrast in my mother's generation. Choices made for comfort can lead to a very uncomfortable life.