Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm not a pray-er or a meditator, but I'm thinking the time is ripe for me to become one or the other, and to have a mantra. Not just any old one: "lotus" or "peace" or "love thy neighbor." Those are good. But I need something new, something jazzy and effervescent like "bubble machine" or "clandestine."


  1. For a few years, I used the word "yes" as a mantra. I found it educational and helpful and altogether too serious for this stage of my life.

    Having a mantra at all is a very serious thing, really. It means you're intentionally taking something seriously, altering your perspective, going deeper.

    Can I recommend the word "borborygmus" as a mantra, to combat the seriousity? It's the sound a fart makes before it comes out. Think of it as "celebrating the hilarity to be."

  2. "Nozzle" or "dongle" are both excellent mantras because they are guaranteed to make you smirk and giggle. My child (age 7) puts the word "fart" in front of everything he says, on the grounds that that is the funniest word he's ever heard: perhaps, then, "fart nozzle" might do the trick. This comment isn't as cerebral as torreybird's but I think she's on the right track. I think she might also be my new favorite person on the interwebs, just for bringing the word "borborygmus" to my attention.