Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Salmon Stream of Consciousness

Salmon, the color, is awesome, it's shaka, which is Hawaiian slang for awesome. If I were to decide these things, chakra colors, it'd be the color for the belly or hara, the Japanese martial art term for the seat of the gut.

My gut will later on be filled with cake. Today is my birthday.

Cake is one of those things that is great to anticipate. Like getting together with old friends. You anticipate what you might talk about, the ground you might cover, the connection. I think about the quality of the icing. Whipped cream is so rich yet so light. There's physics here, as there is with friends who have known you a long time, and still.

The gut is trust. When my gut said "this endodontist is not a good endodontist" I should not have overridden that with my grey matter and stayed in the chair for the root canal. Now I have TMJ. You learn these things as you go. When your gut says "get up out of that chair," you should get up. The gut takes in the Elvis sculpture in the endodontist's waiting room and makes the necessary connections.

Salmon also is my favorite fish, lightly grilled, with lemon.

One day we all will return to the stream, I think. The sun will set like in a poem, glowing orange, all belly. Like in the poem Lycidas, and we will have new pasture. Until then, cake.


  1. Beautifully put -- thank you for the gift on your birthday! I hope your cake is delicious and that your year is even better.

  2. Never understood why certain types of people - me - ignore the gut. As far back as I can remember, decisions I have made while ignoring the gut have been disastrous.

    Well, anyway, it's your birthday and it's a time for celebration! Cake is very good thing to look forward to.

    And getting together with old friends.

    Cheers to you on your special day!

  3. I've definitely had that "get up out of that chair," feeling. I recall it happening twice, shortly after receiving my undergraduate degree. One dentist and one chiropractor. Schmucks, both of them.

    Enjoy your cake. I hope it's covered in whipped cream.

    I'll see you in the stream...

  4. Do you know you're writing prose poems? beautiful.makes me think of the Jorie Graham poem about salmon (a good, early J.G. poem, not one of those awful later ones)