Thursday, October 6, 2011


When, as a mother, I don't know what to do (as is frequent) or it's a rainy day, or it's both a rainy day and I don't know what to do (as is frequent) I get out the craft basket.

Glue, scraps of felt, sequins, whatnots. There is an embroidery needle that is purposefully very blunt, and a hoop of canvas.

The kids encircle me, I imagine it is a hearth scene by a Flemish master. There is a single candle in the painting, which illuminates our gentle and open faces with it's warm maternal glow. Look how content the dog is! (We don't have a dog.) Look at the grapes! As if lit from within by individual purple lanterns! (We don't have grapes. We unartfully have snack crackers, of peanut butter.) How we dream!

How we craft, as in the olden days, before television, before the Wii, before hot water, before electricity, when families bowed their heads together over a common purpose, for instance, making out of different shapes of pasta, a Halloween skeleton, following the directions of the Martha Stewart website.


  1. I get sad, at how quickly my children are growing, b/c I love the crafting times.

    I do.

    This afternoon, we did the wonderful sea sponges dipped in fall colors for trees.

    So fun, for me, most of all.

    Making the brown trees first, then the sponges dipped in red, orange, yellow, purple, for trees.

    Instant, beautiful results from your labor.

    I love these times.