Monday, October 10, 2011

Traditional. Candy.

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em, but we have a dearth of customs and traditions in my family.

We're not religious, well I am but I hide it from my husband who needs not know about my subscription to On Being the podcast for "meaning, religion, ethics and ideas."

When holidays come I think, gosh, other people seem to have so many colorful, flavorful romps, and all I have come up with so far is Chicken Friday. (Waaaay back, on my mother's side I may be Jewish, so I light some candles. I like this, but, as a gong, it's meh.)

In my family our big whoop, when we sound our barbaric yawp and feel the membrane between us and our ancestors shudder, and reality and spirituality when we snarf down candy at Halloween.

Snarfing Down Candy at Halloween is communion with the makers of candy, with sweetness, with life at its finest. Like a sacred Druidical rite.

Each piece of Kit Kat is a fingerbone of a saint that was gluttonous and still, the Lord adored him. The flattened fruit roll-ups Torah scrolls. Amein. Let's trade.


  1. I call my family's faith American Consumerist Christian. We believed in the Easter Bunny bringing candy and Santa Claus bringing presents. That Jesus guy was in there somewhere, but more a bit of background than any significant part of the tradition.

    As far as Hallowe'en candy goes, I admit a secret longing for Necco (communion) Wafers and Mary (Magdalene) Janes.

  2. We've got 2 religions in our family (Catholic and Jewish), but Halloween trumps it all. It's the High Holy Day of candy, if you will.