Saturday, December 3, 2011

Haiku of My Middle School Lunches

Why do I never
have a Ho-Ho, Connie
Miller has a Ho-Ho.

Big expectations,
lunch money. Lunch lady smiles:
Try fish on a bun.

Salad bar bacon.
Rule: Not cool to like bacon.
Years later, it's reversed.

Mom sends in cupcakes
with a sweet note: Dearest Lamb.
Turns my stomach.

Grandma is staying
making meatloaf sandwiches.
I rather she not.

Egg yoke on seeded
rye, made cafeteria
hell, the smell, a joke.


  1. We love haikus in our house.

    When we stand in line in stores, or the library, we make up haikus.

    Kids with stinky lunch
    All of you to the right, please
    We'd do that anyway

  2. That Connie Miller
    is always such a show off.
    Look how she eats it.