Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Five C's for The New Year

1) Connect someone to someone or something they'll get a kick out of.

2) Create something doesn't matter what, just something that wasn't in the universe this morning. Could be fabulous works of art done in gourds you know, for instance.

3) Compliment someone, like, hey nice cardigan, or novel. Whatever.

4) Comment and critique. Add your opinion to the vast ocean of opinionosity.

5) Chill. Make time for time. Check out Tumblr teacup pigs, or do some downward facing dogs or what clears your cobwebs.

1 comment:

  1. OK, I'm here to help (my resolution was to commit to less, but hell, I was also supposed to drink less, and I blew that one right away. Might as well round it all out)
    1. link a funny pin from Pinterest-there are a billion, and most are inappropriate--win-win, right?
    2. go to Pinterest. Don't you pay attention? There, you will find numerous things to make, sometimes with crap you already have. And, some of the crap makes great gifts.
    3. I'm looking particularly stunning in Uggs, and my hubby's hoodie. I ate too much, and it's the best I can do-I could use some positive reinforcement about rolling with the punches. Although, don't use the phrase "roll with", I'm chubby.
    4. Come to my blog, fearlessfibrowarrior, and comment on how uniquely disturbed I am, and how I do chronic pain so well.
    5. Rest on your laurels, and think about what you want to do in 2013.

    There goes my resolution to not micro-manage so damned much.