Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I wish chronic illness could be gussied up with a fine French accent, and made appealing with the addition of a petit scarf and a box of chocolat, but let's be real. I want to talk about how to parent when you're-- and I'm just going to lay out my symptoms for you, since we're being honest -- having "intestinal issues," fainting, facial muscle spasm and pain, blurred vision, panic, and generally want to crack your skull with a rock.

How does one go to a PTA meeting with an orthodontic bite plate in and fit in?

Does one read the kindergarden class Pills, or, The Surprising Things I've Learned Late Nights Researching PubMed?

There is no box on the volunteer sign up that says check here if you want to talk about a) mortality or b) the complete fucktardness of the American medical system. It's really exhausting to me to appear to be in the pink of health, as I drag myself through the carpool lane like an old female Galapagos tortoise.

Those of you who do this with grace, please, how do you do it? How honest are you with your children's teachers, other parents, your own children, yourself.


  1. Hmm..

    How do we do it?

    I'm lucky, fortunate, blessed: I have my sister and niece as best friends.

    All three of us have migraines, panic, and knock us down flat like a fly swatter depression.

    I email them and say, "Hey. Pretty bad over here today. Pretty bad."

    All that to say that me, my hand is up, can I be your sister?

    I await, ready to jump in with what you need, when I first read in subject: "Hey, Pretty bad today, Pretty bad."


  2. I requested meetings with the teachers, and let them know what was going on, what to expect. In my situation, the kids were worried about me, and I have lots of ups and downs, so it was important to address.

    I have amazing people in my life, and the school has been awesome. They expect that sometimes, I will sign up for a field trip, but my husband will show.