Thursday, October 11, 2012


My FSH level is high. My estradiol is low. Meaning that I'm entering into that period of not having any periods and becoming a fire-breathing gonzo loon, which I always knew I was behind closed doors, except now I have the lab tests to back it up and can emboss "Absurd, But Friendly" on my calling card.

Now, the big question: to HRT or not to HRT? a question Hamlet never had the ovaries to pose. The bastard. HRT if you don't know (and if you didn't know I'm not sure anymore that we can be friends, or even in the same county) stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Estrogen is what was making me the gimlet-eyed Little Miss Helpful that I've always been, and now that that's plummeted to the bottom of the pickle barrel, I'm salty, what I want to do is dance around a cauldron of boiling bats and turpentine, and cackle.

I'm drying herbs on my windowsill, and reading herbaria, and The Wisdom of Menopause; how quickly I'm passing from maiden, through mother, to crone where most of us -- if we're lucky -- spend the majority of our lives.


  1. I am someone who prescribes BioIdentical Hormones and sees women get great results without potential harm.It may help with some of the other stuff I have been reading about on your blog(have been meaning to write you,and also say love the entries and the over the top characterizations you can go to!)If you want further discussion of suggestions about where to go in your area,please email me.Good Luck, Deb

  2. I went to a wonderful Natural Sources of HRT workshop two years ago, taught by a physician and I did use the natural supplement hormonal cream for a summer.

    He taught that if the supplements are begun right when our natural hormones begin to drop, that it's very safe, and is the more recommended way to use HRT vs waiting till levels almost disappear and then we spike them up again.

    I feel great.