Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For The Birds

Bird brain. I don't take that as an insult. Bird brain is actually just my speed. I don't have the energy or extraversion necessary to being a dog owner (walks, other dog owners) and I don't like not being adored by cats, so birds it is. (We already have fish, but they remind me too much of myself, going around and around inside a bowl.)

Friends have a pair of zebra finches they raised from eggs, and I was smitten by their wildness (they are not "pets" to be "petted") and their sociability. Wildness, sociability and flitter, being exactly what's missing in the work-from-home habitat that I've dug for myself in the spare bedroom I call my office. It's dark and lugubrious.

I need some light-hearted pals who will pull me out of myself with their aerobic antics, and chitchat. So what if we're not the same species? I saw a PBS show about a dog who became friends with a cheetah, and a deer who became friends with a dog.

1 comment:

  1. I understand your reasoning for getting finches. They are lovely. I prefer pets that can be petted.

    If you decide, sometime in the future, to try something hands on, go for a cat. I have had 3 in my adult life and they all have adored me.

    The thing to remember is that cats have brains smaller than a walnut, so it takes them a while to learn that if they keep bathing on you, they will get flung across the room. They do, however, learn very quickly what claw clippers are for, but they don't remember what happened BEFORE you got them out. They don't recognize themselves as the cause if the pinpricks of blood on your shoulder.

    Once they come to the realization that you are consistently the one who provides the kibble and occasional treats of tuna juice, who will scratch the place above on their butt that makes a tail quiver and that you will stroke the top of their nose to make them drowsy, they will come to you with cheek rubs and lap warming and purrs of appreciation.