Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Haiku of the Perimenopausal

Plummeting Estrogen

The bread is still white
the toaster is not toasting 
throw it out the door!

The Three Stages of Man: Doctors Older Than You, Doctors The Same Age As You and Doctors Younger Than You

My fresh young doctor
can't be more than 12, winks, 
drawls, calls me ma'am.

The Wheel 

What was I crying 
about? What was I crying 
about? What was I?

Lower Your Expectations, Okay, People? 

I blame the empty
fridge f
or why I have not made 
authentic pad thai.

Deadline Approaching

Another thing that 
confounds logic; this time 
it is the printer. 

Assaulting The Toaster With A Hammer

I had my reasons.
I regret them now that I 
want some fucking toast.


  1. Taking the hammer to the fucking toaster.

    How I love that one.


  2. I fucking thank you for these!

  3. The toaster is my very favourite thing in a while. Your toaster poem, that is. My toaster is pissing me off.

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