Monday, November 5, 2012


I was on my walk when I almost stepped on a black snake. I hadn't been paying attention to the ground I was walking on, as usual. My head was in the clouds and Shriek! Caw! I scared all the crows  with my own yelling. Holy shit! Holy shit! I almost stepped on a snake. Next thought: Good thing I don't live in the desert Southwest. Good thing I wasn't wearing flip flops.

All too often we don't notice a damn thing. I've put the eggs away in the freezer.

It's a joke, I think. The whole world outside our door like a picnic blanket, and I'm concerned about getting a grass stain out of my son's school uniform. Like, I'm really mad about it and scrubbing it with the toothbrush I have for this purpose. I'm like the monkey that gets captured because it won't let go of the coconut stuck the hole of a palm tree. If I just opened my hand I would be free.

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  1. I know that coconut predicament too well.

    I was wearing flip flops the last time I almost stepped on a snake at the bottom of our front porch steps. It makes for some wacky acrobatics. I would not have made a very good Pioneer woman. I might have had a career in something involving slapstick or puppets.

    I realized early this year that I never saw owls because I was often looking down on my walks. Owls or snakes. It's an attentional trade off.