Thursday, November 1, 2012

To Know The Dark - NaNoWriMo

You know that line  "Do not go to the dark side, Miles.  No going to the dark side" from the movie SidewaysWell, I love that line. Do not go to the dark side. Ha ha. However.

It can be fruitful. As poet Wendell Berry says,  "to know the dark, go dark, go without sight/ and find that dark, too, blooms and sings/ and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings." I love that line too. Why did he choose feet and wings? These are the kinds of question that interest me. Why wings? Like, does he mean an owl, or, probably, some greater mystery.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year. Are you? I'm asking everyone I know, Are you? I huff and put my hands on my hips and with arched eyebrow say, "And why not?"

Starting writing is like being without sight. You don't know. That's the human condition, my friend. It's dark. Yes. And?  Is that the staircase to the basement?  It sure feels like it. Is there a story there? 

Finding a line, it's like being brushed by a wing in the pitch black. Like a fox, you want to follow the thing. 


  1. I'm headed into the dark too... NaNoWriMo or bust.

  2. I'm not doing NaNo this year because I desperately need to finish editing my current WIP. People are asking for the sequel to the novel I already have out on Amazon... Must. Comply.

    But I'm there rooting for all of you as you explore the Dark Side for a month. Write, little ones, write!