Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Milestone

I'm up on the New York Times Motherlode today talking about the things I always talk about: parenting and cake, the crapshoot that is either of these complicated, multi-step endeavors. You have to both butter and flour the pan? Good god.

The buche de noel the kids and I made for Christmas is chilling in the frige, and it looks like a felled log, just as it should, and the mess we made in the kitchen is evidence of team work, and evidence of my having crossed a threshold as a parent, of not just catering to their whims and needs, and carpooling, but of introducing them to what I love.


  1. Save me some! Affectionately, Marian Hollander Salamon

  2. Love your writing, can't remember how we met, but am so grateful for how "you speak my language." How you make me smile, how I have someone I know who talks food right along with me.

    I love the internet.

    Peace, joy, and love to you in 2013.


  3. Would love the buche de noel! We're following each other on Twitter. Happy New Year!