Monday, January 7, 2013

More Haiku of the Perimenopausal

With the Cart Boy in the Parking Lot at Wegmans

You there, you I said,
Why are you calling me, Lady?
Are my roots showing?

Scheduling a Colonoscopy

Press 1 if you have
someone driving you here. If
need a friend, press 2.

Follow-Up Visit

They still don't know what
is wrong with you but more tests?
Oh, definitely.

Flax Seed

On toast, on yoghurt
sprinkled like holy water
roasted golden flax.

Cardigan Is A Verb

I cardigan. You
cardigan, she: cute young thing isn't cold
in that string bikini  but wait till she's 40s.
I guess this isn't a haiku, either.


  1. Love! I hate when people call me "ma'am"

  2. About these haiku:
    What was I going to say?
    &*^% I just had it.