Monday, January 14, 2013

My Perfect Perimenopausal Outfit

Tissues ( How will you feel about anything? Who knows?)

Pen and paper (for writing down whatever it is you forgot a moment ago, but now -- praise god -- remember.)

Pneumatic tube into which you can be sucked,  in the event of a stressful situation like the mall, or traffic, or anytime, really,  that connects you directly to a warm bath, scented with lavender, attended to by an eager attendant of your sexual choice.

Large, unfashionable handbag the kind you used to make fun of your grandmother for carrying, that you refer to un-ironically and without a trace of humor refer to as your "handbag" and "life support system."

Cardigan 1
Cardigan 2

Cardigan 3 

A slightly thicker cardigan, like a Poncho.

An antique pill box, passed down through the generations of women in your family, in which there is a
a jumble of Antacids and 


A sketchbook. Recently you've gotten in to bird watching. You poor, poor dear.

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  1. We shall know one another from our outfits, dearie. I also carry rage Lifesavers, for when I need to gnash my teeth and am afraid I might bite someone.