Thursday, January 3, 2013


Resolution shmesolution. I think I've kept less than 1% of them unless they were about more and not less chocolate and in that case, I know I've been totally stick-to-it and one tenacious motherfucker.

However this year, I'm about non-doing. Moment to moment.

That's my big goal and a surprisingly tough row to hoe, just being and not grasping for the better experience than this one. Blah blah blah present moment blah blah blah. My internal bullshit meter goes haywire when I say the words "present moment" like I've found something radioactive in the grass or a ring as I did once, with a metal detector.

I'm completely unqualified to even sidle up to the present moment like I'm going to make a pass at it at a cocktail party, it being so awesome and beautiful and out of my league, but I'm already belly up to the bar on this one, already in it to win it.


  1. I am in love with the efficiency of your words. Saying so much, so evocatively and relatable, in just paragraphs.

    Happy New Year, dear Elizabeth.

  2. The Empress has said it for me. I'm here but to echo her and say thanks. And have some chocolate on me.