Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep

My parents are in the Pacific Ocean on a ship. Holy shit. My parents are in the Pacific Ocean on a ship.   Peace, pilgrim, is what I want to say to my freaking-out self.

Their four-month journey around the world is my four-month journey without them; the transformation has happened, I am the parent, on shore, tsk-tsking and they are the kids, out at sea, having a bold worldly adventure, sending cryptic messages like,"there are fairly large swells." This is preparing me for when my kids grow up and fledge. Will I be nonplussed? Or, will I puff-ball, like our female zebra finch that we have named Finchessa?

I know how they felt when I drove in a fading Impala across the country one summer, my freshman year, now.

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  1. I am at the nonplussed/puffball stage. My youngest is living in London 3,900 miles away, while my parents (also in the London area) have left the vacation era behind and are now riding the Good Ship Health Problems.

    This morning's texts from my sisters has me looking at my schedule and wondering exactly when and for how long I should go and mother-hen the parental birds. Which means abandoning the husband and possibly also the oldest, who is special needs. What a bummer. I always knew the day would come when living in America became inconvenient.

    Enjoy having parents who are still young enough to cruise! Their freedom must be as wonderful to them as yours was that freshman year.