Friday, January 11, 2013

Your Estradiol Is Shit

I have a new gynecologist, and this wouldn't otherwise be news, except that it is news, because he's a man. My first male gynecologist is also the  funniest, intuitive, and most humane gynecologist I've ever had in my long and illustrious career in the stirrups. "Let's get out of the stirrups-room, so we can talk," he said. "Want a couple of ounces of dark chocolate?"

By way of introducing the subject of perimenopause, he said: "When my wife was going though perimenopause, she wanted to bite the heads off of cute baby birds."

I was like, Wow, not only do I like, him, but I like his wife.

"Anyway, you're not crazy," he said. "Your estradiol is shit. And for that matter so is your FSH, and also you live in the shitty suburbs and you aren't making enough art."


  1. Holy Hell. Referral, please!

  2. I had a male OB/GYN once. Delivered both of my children. I can't remember his name but I remember his wit; perhaps you HAVE to be hilarious to survive as a male in his job.

  3. Wow - I won't even get into the kinds of male gynies I've had, enough said that this guy is a keeper!