Monday, February 4, 2013


My daughter, 5, has drawn for me a new totemic animal. The unicorippopotamus. It's (as you might have guessed) a riparian creature, a creature of the banks of the Nile where the papyrus grows,  of galumphing on land but being surprisingly agile under water for its size and emerging, ear-flickingly adorable, from underneath lily pads and duckweed. Amphibious napper.

At the end of it's tail there is pink pom-pom sort of thing which, when asked, my daughter says, "is for banging things, like tambourines." I didn't even know she knew the word "tambourine." Hooray for school, I say. At the front end is a single horn "for spearing things" and "showing off." "Like a male impala?" I asked.  "Yes," she said, "but better, for s'mores."

It has a platypussian bill, and a curl in front of it's horn like a Kewpie doll. "Is it fast?" I asked her. "Not at all," my daughter said, "because it doesn't need to be."

Like the most Interesting Man in the World or a Chuck Norris joke, "Things don't run after it." 

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  1. I love what 5yo's say! I started writing them down as well. My favorite recent quote from my 6yo was "I call Dr. King, DOCTOR King because he's like Doctor Who only more magical." I nod back at him sagely while lmao on the inside.