Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Perfect Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg coined, "feel like a woman" about her landscape-altering 70s wrap dress. Mostly in dresses I feel like it's time for Easter. Pouffy. Or worse, too tight, like I'm going to pop out of a Russian oligarch's cake.

So this cotton A-line number that I've taken to wearing is worth reporting, since reporting on my fashion is usually blah blah blah sweatpants blah blah blah.

I put it on and felt the kind of femininity I aspire to: farm-girl femininity, O Pioneers! petticoats and gleaning Old Country pickle jar femininity, Bread Basket Of The World, light on a field where wheat is goldenly growing, where I look like a million bucks backlit by the sun with my wicker basket of apples or dewey wildflowers on my hip and in my eyes the expression of someone who knows what on Earth they are doing.