Friday, March 1, 2013

Twitter Science/Nature Writing Book Club

Most of you know I like moss, birds, and can get all poetical on the seasons, quoting Shelley's If winter comes/can Spring be far behind? and wish I were an antler-wearing goddess dancing around a snowdrop, and that I am a thwarted marine biologist because, yes, I'm bad at math. But I tracked a fox, once. For fun. And I know a dogwood tree when I see it.

One ring to unite them all. A club. A book club. Nature writing. Our clubhouse will be on Twitter. Tuesdays at nine EST.   We'll start with Lewis Thomas' Lives of the Cell: Notes of A Biology Watcher because we have to start somewhere. The secret handshake is two shakes and a wiggle like a bee doing its dance to explain where the flowers are. Join me.

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