Friday, April 12, 2013

Dancing Days

My sister is the only witness to my "grand jete" wherein I took a modern dance class at Smith and she was visiting and I invited her to "come on along" and "watch me" "dance."

Afterwards, she said, "What I will say is that you were very enthusiastic." We both knew what she meant.

In our elementary school there was a girl, who in a talent show danced as a lobster, complete with red foam lobster claws, and in her extreme crustaceal seriousness was unintentionally pee-your-pants hilarious and is now an aide to a Senator. I shit you not.

About dance I am all enthusiasm (note that the word lacking in this sentence is "skill"). O Gene Kelly! the effervescent magic spell you cast with lamp post, puddle and umbrella is exactly how I want to move through life, and more than once, I have tried to mimic you, at night, in my kitchen, with a mop.

The brain on dance is a happy brain. Research shows just watching it gets our mirror neurons all in a tizzy and doing it feels like drinking Champagne. French choreographer Michel Aguillon said, "The consciousness of moving makes dance."

Merce Cunningham said, "When you walk, and you know that you walk, you are dancing."