Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Unicorn Pushing A Vacuum

Git vacuuming you slacker.

So on Tuesday April 2, on MPT, the Maryland PBS station on the kids' show Arthur I saw an image that if I could even explain it to my daughter I'd have to start with suffragism, and segue into Simone de Beauvoir and A Room of One's Own and discourse on why we have Bratz dolls and the sisters Kardashian and not yet a woman president.

It was a convergence of the mystical and the slogging truth of the second-shift of motherhood and its inexorable chores.

It was a unicorn mother pushing a vacuum around a room with her nose. Oh yes it was. I had to rub my eyes. Fairydust, surely. Was I really seeing this throwback nonsense? 

Yes, unicorns do exist. (There's a comfort.) But even in the land of make-believe there is housework.  And, appallingly, we cannot (even in fiction) imagine it's anyone else but the mothers who do it, with their noses literally to the grindstone.