Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Violet And Forsythia

Violet and Forsythia sound like haughty British sisters who, in jodhpurs, hunt foxes. However they are also the best color combination the Spring Collection has to offer.  Sure, there are tulips and hyacinth and pansies (great Victorian girl's names), and crocuses wow, but I've never been in to pastels. I like bold.

At exactly opposite ends of the color wheel, violet and forsythia are complimentary colors, they go great together: the same way the southern Europe combines lavender and lemons.

Forsythia, the older sister, is already blooming, out in society by the time Violet gets her cotillion. But what a show. Step right up. They're making the place to be seen, the abandoned lot up from my house where they hold forth together; Forsythia bright as buttercups and charming as a chatty character in a book by Jane Austen, Violet, small but regal in face and body, with a voice, the kind you'd expect from a much larger woman.