Saturday, December 7, 2013


If you are of North Western European extraction as I am (and according to the genomics site 23 and me more than average percent Neanderthal) you know marzipan. Shaped like fruit, as above, is very Italian. To be more classically German around the holidays you'd have marzipan shaped like a pig.  

Marzipan, unromantically labeled "almond paste" in American grocery store isles, is nothing of the sort; that's like calling romantic ridiculous love where you cavort in public in a Roman fountain "a positive emotion."

Marzipan is ambrosial. Marzipan is almonds and sugar (yes, traditionally, just almonds and sugar) whirred into a succulent fondant-like texture that can be enrobed in dark chocolate and sliced into thin half moons and fed to your beloved from a plate while you thank the bees that started the whole process by going face first whole hog into almond flowers.