Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Medical Office Waiting Rooms

Recent research suggests that looking at things that are pretty (such as a view of nature, not a bullcrappy mound of Peace Plants,  a "nature band-aid," as pictured above) helps us heal faster. 

Color anyone surprised? 

In this article, Sally MacConnell, Vice President for Facilities at Johns Hopkins,  "discussed the importance of light and color in hospital design," "great views of the Chesapeake Bay," and entry spaces are large with "beautiful lobbies." "There's artwork in every elevator lobby, with impressive views of the outside world."

Well, Sally,  dream big and do it soon because the outside world is totally invisible from most of the medical offices I wait in. The real world ceases to corporeally exist as soon as I turn into a medical office garage.

Most of the medical offices I wait in (and probably that you wait in, too) are dimly lit warrens of tone-on-tone upholstery in the supposedly soothing neutral tones of puce, bone, and dun that can only serve to remind one that "ashes to ashes" is a potent truism. If there is a plant, its a ficus that needs water.

And while you're at it, Sally, can you replace the so called "front office staff" with Monet's Water Lillies? That would be both tranquil and more helpful.

Also, since the sky literally is the limit, how about some natural light like in an atrium in an Italian renaissance architectural landscape? Happy doctors who all look like George Clooney and have the charming we're-all-in-this-together manner of the Dalai Lama.

Let there also be a snack bar with the snacks I like, elliptical machines so I get get in a workout while I wait, and a place that does one hour dry cleaning.