Friday, December 6, 2013

Practical Pain Management

How coo coo is it that modern medicine with its genetic testing and chemicals and fMRIs and brain tinkering toolkit still relies in pain management on the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale?Mention Wong-Baker faces to anyone with a chronic pain condition and it's like doing standup, I know! Right? Bananas.

Whenever I am in a pain clinic I always lean over to the person next to me (and there always is somebody, we are not the few, the proud, we are the many, the desperate -- pain clinic waiting rooms are crowded) and I ask,  "Hey. Psst! Dude, what's your Wong-Baker face?"

It always makes them smile, no matter what they've circled. And then I feel that I have done some good.

Like Mel Brooks said, "The only weapon I've got is comedy."