Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tufted Titmice

Used to be I felt the dolphin was my spirit animal. That was in the way back machine of an epoch I call I Want To Be A Marine Biologist.

Now what makes me sigh Whitmanesque, O me! O life! is the titmice. They have descended on the winter bird feeder like totems. It goes without saying they're cute as buttons. But they also have great personalities.

They are bright eyed, curious and funny; the females remind me of Mary Tyler Moore, the males of Robin Hood. They perch on the bird feeder as a crew and look in on me, alone in my bathrobe on my laptop as if I am their Eeyoreish neighbor who needs a halloo and a reminder of what's important, that larger things are happening, there is a world outside my navel, and I am but a mote of dust in the cosmos -- and that I need to get more bird seed.

Once one even tapped on the glass to underline the point.