Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How To Be Sick

@AdamsLisa has taken more shit taking her fight with breast cancer and her choice to be a research subject for interventional treatment at Sloan Kettering live, in real time, on her blog and Twitter through coverage in The New York Times and The Guardian, which were both trying to have an angle on the story of "illness" in "the age of social media." They wanted to form some cultural criticism.

However, it's not exactly news that people get sick.

What does this say about us if there is a "right" way to have an illness in "the age of social media." Who says there is a right way to suffer? Is there a Committee? Thou shalt not selfie your IV bag? Should I not tell you I'm about to go in for an MRI of my brain and spinal column because it might scare you out of your own complacency? We should not want our lives to be uniformly perfectly plastically packaged like grocery store vegetables.  Not everything is ripe. Round. Perfectly red. To my mind that's creepy, and worse: mara, illusion.

Imposing rules and regulations on the expression of someone's personal experience because hearing about stents and metastisis makes "the well" uncomfortable is Victorian. The Victorians covered their piano legs, out of prudery.

We have a long history of fearing the body electric. Let us remember: the body in all its mucosity, carnality and degrade is the only way we experience anything.