Monday, February 10, 2014

Squid Giant Axon

Squid have a freaking enormous nerve cell that runs the entire length of their body and is as thick as a pencil lead. Wait. Bad example. Who among us (except parents with colored pencils for coloring the biomes of North America littering the downstairs and that the dog gets into and chews and poops little undigested chips of "Burnt Umber" or "Caribbean") any longer remember what a pencil lead looks like?

(An aside: isn't that drawing of a squid (above) adorable? And so simple! I'm trying to convince DS, 8 to draw a graphic novel about squids for the under ten set. Undoubtable hit. Yet he remains unconvinced. Why is it no one listens to their mother?)

Why does the squid have such an motherlode?

Because it has a highly developed "startle-escape response." It can rapidly contract its mantle like a jet and be off, propelled by its fear into the abyss. Hasta la vista.

It makes me chirp with glee.  Score one for the anxious!