Thursday, September 4, 2014

Developing A Spiritual Practice With Nuts

I can't take this new phase too seriously because, you know, I almost went to Divinity School, but bagged that after the experience of being an assistant to the interfaith chaplain at the University of Pittsburgh and hosting a coffeehouse where I mistakenly thought it would further interfaith dialogue to rent a karaoke machine and lip synch to Aerosmith's Walk This Way with my sister in front of a bunch of incredibly repressed and conservative Christian kids.

Then I tried to become Buddhist. But someone stole my shoes while I was in sitting meditation and I walked home in my socks in January in Boston. That was a spiritual awakening. Having cold feet sucks.

For awhile I was Jewish.

Recently I've been dangling my line in Neo-Paganism to see if anything bites. I've always had a thing for the Greek goddesses, and the word "bacchanal."

I've been reading books with names like Drawing Down The Moon, and The Goddess Is In The Details, and To Walk A Pagan Path but it's so freaking confusing, there seem to be lots of rules, which is funny because the whole thing is kind of imaginative play. There are several pantheons, and some people cast circles and refer to themselves as witches and others don't. But rules, recitation, and dogma are why I got out of the religion game in the first place. It's dueling jewelry.

What draws me to drawing down the moon is basically that I like the moon. I like the Earth. The seasons. Insects. You're a fool if you don't. Maybe the only -ist I am is a naturalist. I only wish there were more of us, and that we had better parties.