Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dreams and Hopes

Asked the question, "What are your hopes and dreams?" my kids answer with a thousand things. I have to tell them to put a lid on it.

It's like this, from my son, 9: Mom! My dream is to be a space car driver who has an underground pool that is part of an underground lair, and a group of trained cheetahs! Furthermore... it is my dream that I can fly, and cure all diseases, and  engineer a house made of Legos where I can live with all my friends calling each other bro all day, like hey bro, what's up bro, and the only thing to eat in our world is gum."

My daughter, 7, says: All of what my brother said. Except also cat ballerinas! AND UNICORNS WHO LET YOU BRAID THEIR HAIR.

As an adult, my hopes and dreams are pragmatic and -- compared to the optimistic unicorn candy magic of my kids' -- dull. For example, here's what I hoped this morning: Gee, I hope that the DOWNSTAIRS DRAIN UNCLOGGED OVERNIGHT.