Friday, October 10, 2014

The Wheel Bug

As you know I've taken a turn toward Halloween preparation. I wasn't so concerned with what I would dress up as, as how to arrange the gourds. Gourds take tact and nuance if you want to do gourds well. I love the fall.

Then I found this little fellow.  It's a wheel bug. A wheel bug doesn't sound menacing at all. It sounds all tra la, let us pull the wagon, tra la. In fact, it's a species of assassin bug, a family of such stealth, venom, and all around badassery, with beaks curved like freaking carpet needles.

(See above: in blood-red, the beak curved like a freaking carpet needle, like in an unabridged and unredacted Grimm's fairy tale.)

(See one here, stalking a hapless caterpillar.)

The Hitchcock-ian suspense of that little 2 minute film had me unlikely-ly rooting for the caterpillar, an animal that I think god, in creating it, could have used an editor. They're sploogy, soft, and their feet surprisingly look like little creepy-Appalachia old man boots which is so David Lynch-ish and proves to me there is no Intelligent Design.

Forget being a ghost, or a ninja, or "Rocket Raccoon" from The Guardians of the Galaxy, the summer blockbuster that shilled the soundtrack of my early 70s childhood, Ridley Scott was right. Alien was spot on. If you want to be truly terrifying: use the word "mouthparts." Dress up as an insect. I have a recommendation. (See above).

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