Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Work Into A Lather

As a freelance I am often asked, How Do You Organize Your Work Day? This is how.

6:30  Wake. Where am I? What's my purpose? Fumble for the light box ON switch.

7:00  Take dog out. Muse over what food word would best describe the color of the sunrise. Peaches? Hmmm. Not peaches. Tangerines. No. Grapefruit granita. Yes, that's it.

7:30 Coffee.

7:32 Coffee.

7:34 Big mug of coffee.

8:00 Get kids to school.

8:10 Reboot laundry. Tidy. Dither. Hobnob. Putter. Consult Fly Lady like a good housekeeper, and then feel hysterical: There Is So Much To Do. The Holidays Are Upon Us like...ravening beasts. Strike that. Positive reframe.  I have so much to be thankful for. Like all these Lego pieces on the floor.

8:30 Recover cortisol levels, arrest the shrinking of my telomeres by resting on the couch imagining I am a 19th-century Brit. Lit. heroine in a parlor drama. Sigh big sighs.

9:00ish to 11-ey. Find Grit and Determination. With ropes and pulleys pull myself up the ears of my ratty rabbit slippers. Ass in captain's chair. Beam me up, Scotty, to the flow of words. Write. At least 500 words give or take, maybe, weather-dependent, depending on if my toenails suddenly need attention, or I am distracted by the dog, or there's an interesting bird at the bird feeder.

Anything I write after noon is not worth the effort. So the rest of the day is devoted to research, reading, editing, and other diffuse mental gymnastics like daydreaming and walking which, as they say, is really complicated, controlled falling.

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