Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Vanilla Pudding Experience

Faith Durand, author of Bakeless Sweets, has a recipe for vanilla pudding that is worth running out for whipping cream, milk, sugar, vanilla, and eggs, the primal and essential ingredients of this pale forsythia-colored pudding the texture of suede and tasting of spring.

Some say puddings are kid food, nursing home food, or for the convalescing. No they aren't. Call them custard if you're an Anglophile or creme patisseur if you're a Francophile and want to feel more virile and continental in the kitchen, but there ain't no shame in pudding Americana.

A cool spoonful of homemade-in-a-copper-pot-on-the-stovetop-by-your-sweet-Mama? Almighty.   That's powerful farm-boy-fetch-me-that-pitcher. 

There have never to my knowledge been poems about vanilla pudding, but there should be, and they should be odes.

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