Monday, February 2, 2015

Come Back To The Sea

"Come back to the sea" was the pitch of last night's "we are all tied to the ocean" JFK voice-over for Carnival Corporation, bringer to you of cruises and gastrointestinal distress.

Now, you know I love some Massachoosetts politics (Go PATS!), and I love the ocean; for me, the spot was a bullseye. I forgot all about E. coli. I got misty over waves crashing in slow-mo against volcanic rock and I ain't too proud to tell you so.

More than the "dads and dogs" schmaltz of the beer and car commercials, or of paying for burgers with lovin'... I want better times for the sea otters, and for humanity, too.

I want to buy in again to the myth of Camelot, to the time before when I was young and the sea was vast, and I knew nothing of currents or of the deleterious effect of tanker ship noise on whales. In other words, before I became a crusty old salty dog.

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