Friday, March 13, 2015

There's More Water In The Solar System Than Was Previously Thought

"There's more water in the solar system than was previously thought." How's that for not burying the lede?

The Washington Post reported last night that NASA discovered an underground ocean on Jupiter's largest moon. 

To celebrate I've doused myself in Gucci's 90s perfume called, appropriately, "Rush" and I shouted to the dog, "Hey dog, where there's water there's life," and she rolled over onto her back to have her belly rubbed and we enjoyed the moment as only sentient beings can.

Fly me to the moon, I'm so excited, I'm listening to covers of famous swing songs on YouTube, something I also used to do in the 90s when I got caught up in the era of the Swing Revival and went to...wait for it... dance camp. It went so badly I thought Husb. and I were going to break off our engagement. I hissed at him, referring to the beat, why can't you find the one? You're Latino for fuck's sake.

I love a good science info graphic, as above, of Ganymede's interior, or in this link, about the mantis shrimp.

Rocky mantle. Ice core. Ice crust. These are superhero names. I wish I had an iron core.

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