Thursday, March 12, 2015

Weird Shrimp

The Boston Globe reported on this newly discovered 7 foot prehistoric giant anomalocaridid (from the Latin, meaning "weird shrimp") calling it "like an alien," and "as if a child put a jigsaw puzzle together incorrectly."

I say, let's call her Sylvia, after a babysitter I had as a child who taught me to play the opening notes of Jaws on the piano.

The Weird Shrimp can't help the way she looks, which is definitely "as if a child put a jigsaw puzzle together incorrectly" to which I would add, "during a fever dream" after "a bad reaction to antibiotics" "at an Ashtabula, Ohio Episcopalian sleep-away summer camp for the first time."

I'm so judgey, though. I did learn some good songs at that camp. And I braided a lot of lanyard.

Yesterday in mindfulness meditation class we were instructed to take off our socks and look at our feet with interest. We noticed we could judge them (mine: calloused, heel-cracked, off-puttingly odd angled, frankly scary) or consider them with compassion.

With gentle receptivity we could cradle them as ours, that is, valuable, hard-working, here for an undisclosed but perfectly good reason in the mechanism of evolution.

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